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Race Cars

Whether you compete or are considering competing in any level of sports car road course style racing, we can help you make your car faster. Both from a suspension and braking standpoint to make you faster in the turns, or a drive line standpoint to make you get to the next turn quicker, we can help.

We are intimately familiar with all racing competition rules and most vintage racing organizations. We can build a new car for you, improve the car you already have or do pre-race set up and preparation.

Shaky B’s Racecar Album

Our passion is with any vehicle. We enjoy each project we do, no matter what the make or model of vehicle you have. We put the same focus and attention to detail into every racecar we work on or build.

Chris Parkinson Race Team
Shaky B's is a proud sponsor of the Chris Parkinson race team. Chris comes from a long line of racers and is the standing 2014 wingless sprint car WAR series Champion.