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We provide just about any type of service your vehicle could possibly need! We provide mechanical and restoration services for all sorts of vehicles, no matter the age, and we can also build a custom vehicle from the ground up! Whether your vehicle is a muscle car, classic vintage car, rat rod, street rod, racecar or your everyday vehicle, we can help!

Mechanical Repair

You can rest assured that Shaky B’s will take good care of your vehicle. It is our goal to provide you and your family with the peace of mind that comes from having a safe and reliable vehicle. From simple to major repair - Shaky B’s does it all!

Vehicle Restoration

If you are searching for a restoration shop for your car or truck, it’s important to choose the right shop for your specific needs. Don't trust your prized vehicle with just anybody! Leave it with the experts who have decades of experience restoring some of the world's finest vehicles.

Racecars and Stock Cars

Whether you compete or are considering competing in any level of sports car road course style racing, we can help you make your car faster. Both from a suspension and braking standpoint, to make you faster in the turns or a drive line standpoint to make you get to the next turn quicker, we can help!

Stock Cars

From designing the chassis to applying the last decal, we bring our clients behind the scenes to show how we will build their cars from the ground up.


We provide everything from a complete restoration, performance upgrades, engine rebuilding, interior work or even sparkling new paint.

Rat Rods

The vehicles that leave our shop will blow your mind and exceed your imagination! We have a passion for building awesome rat rods!